Ancelotti does not respond to Mbappe case

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Carlo Ancelotti did not answer reporters’ questions about the possibility of signing Kylian Mbappe as a potential addition to Real Madrid’s attacking line-up in January.

Real Madrid coach Carlo Ancelotti did not respond to journalists’ questions about Kylian Mbappe’s possible signing of the Paris Saint-Germain forward. Mang during the month of January According to Marca

Mbappe has been link with controversy at the club as the 23-year-old is unhappy with his role under Christoph Galtier. Ahead of reports he wanted to leave. from PSG in January. And has been link to Real Madrid who have been following the players all along ufabet.

‘If Mbappe comes in January? You have the courage to ask that, I won’t answer, I don’t have to,’ said Ancelotti.

Mbappe believes that PSG has betrayed him. To understand the whys, you have to go back to May. As MARCA explained, the sporting management made him a series of promises, most of them unfeasible, to get him to sign and renew until 2024.

Mbappe said yes, directly informing Perez of his ‘no’ to Real Madrid, feeling politically pressured. The money, he has explained in his circle of trust, does not matter to him, for him he would give it back and return to a dynamic of pure soccer.

It remains to be seen how Real Madrid reacts to this new scenario. Because Mbappe still wants to wear white one day.